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Safety and efficiency are our main goals. 

Did you know that fire departments, insurance companies, and all furnace / Boiler manufacturers recommend a complete Annual Service & Safety Inspection on your boiler or furnace?.

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Furnace tune up and safety inspection

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Only Riroxs can offer:

·     Combustion analyzes
·     Electronic gas leak testing
·     Carbon Monoxide levels
·     Efficiency improvement
·     Video camera inspection
·     Complete final report


The Vacuumm Cleaner and the can of oil are not enough

No matter if you have a commercial heating system or a small furnace on your basement, the maintenance has to be done under the same quality standards.

The following sequence will describe step by step our professional tune up service.

Advanced Electronic Leak Detection


Vibration can loose the fittings and produce micro leaks. Those leaks can not be  smelled or detected with conventional methods.
No matter how small they are our electronic leak detector will find them.
This instrument can read as low as 5 ppm natural gas.

Initial combustion analyzes


Every furnace or boiler personal has to carry a combustion analyzer.
This is the only way to take all the necessary reading to perform a proper tune up on the combustion system.
We perform a combustion analyze at the beginning of the maintenance. 
We print the result to show you the actual working condition of the unit.
This report includes Efficiency, CO levels, Stack Temperature, etc.
A second and final test will be done at the end of the service as a way to contrast the machine performance.

The furnace or boiler is opened

 Visual inspection

 Inspect Heat Exchanger

 Inspect flame baffle

 Inspect gas valves
 Gas Pressure draft

 Pilot and thermocouple Inspection

 Fan Lubrication

 Burners alignment, etc

Video Camera Inspection

After we are done, we check all the blind spots with our sophisticated micro video camera.
Heat exchangers, inside burners, vents, inside duct work or pipes, etc

 Gas and duct flow adjustment

After the internal maintenance is done, we measure and adjust if necessary gas pressure and air flow.
Static pressure will be measured and adjusted on the duct work, as a way to supply the right air flow.
These simple adjustments will improve the efficiency of your furnace.

Final test and written proof.

Once we finish the maintenance, a new series of measurement and tests will be performed.
It will confirm that our work was done right. It includes:

  Final Electronic gas leak detection
  Final Combustion analyses
  Printing final results
  Gas pressure
  CO Level
  Final Writing Report

This is a professional Furnace or Boiler maintenance.
 Why would you settle for less?

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